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The Cakekitchen/Dairy High - Honeypod In My Head/Evil Lullaby (2006)
The Cakekitchen/Dairy High - Honeypod In My Head/Evil Lullaby (2006)
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The Cakekitchen/Dairy High - Honeypod In My Head/Evil Lullaby (2006)

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Wowza......a real first. A seven inch record for the Guinness Book of Records in that it is the actual first ever split single between something from the New Zealand underground and something from inside of the Russian Federation. A labour of red tape and a barrow load of e-mails to organise, it actually turned out to be really worth the effort to do this vinyl only release. Moscow-band Dairy High took the train to Latvia to record their side in Riga and The Cakekitchen rattled a bit more plaster off the wall again in Germany. Hey, that's global. A good contrast in styles and a great exercise in filling out forms. The Cakekitchen song is fast and poppy and the Dairy High number is mid-paced and long. An unexpected treat. 

At almost 100 gramme elephant slab proportions, the
 Czech vinyl factory cooked up such big pies with this sprudel that it will give your local postie RSI just getting it to your house. The groove has been cut very deeply into this plastic and it sounds great loud. Everything about it is different.The sleeve even has album like writing on the outside spine of the thick eastern block type cardboard. On the inner playing surface of the disc (on the Honeypod side), it has enscribed in the plastic "Sorry about Rob Muldoon". 

They get their beaks in their quick- don't they just mate? Another kiwi first. Sticky? Tricky? Ever-so-clicky? Hoot Hoot. Nobody involved in the making of this project will probably never be reimbursed for what it cost to do it (massive customs charges before final delivery were added on at both ends for good measure) so you'd better thank your Aunty Grizelda that some mammals continue to cross the border for these sort of things. 

Raise your vodka glass to the fire place with glee and polish your Sputnik with your favourite spit cloth. 

1. Honeypod In My Head - The Cakekitchen
2. Dairy High - Evil Lullaby

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